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Here we got Bandroid tablet with broken display that caused a portion of the glass on front cover to be missing. To get the tablet to work again and look like brand new, the entire screen was replaced. After the repair, the tablet shows no sign of the damage and works like charm. A proof of the quality of our workmanship that is not limited with the brand, make, model or type of the gadget that we work with. While Android tablets use a number of touch screen technologies to enhance the display performance the way they are intended by the manufacturer, our extensive network of partners make it possible for us to have spare parts specialized for each make and model of a number of OEM’s.

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Here the touch screen is very badly damaged that some portion of the front cover has chipped off and fell exposing some internal components and rendering the phone unusable. This makes the phone more prone to damages of the internal parts. The entire front cover has to be replaced to get the phone to its full working condition and restore its usability. After the repair the phone looks so clean and polished as if it was newly unboxed and with no trace of the screen damage since aside from using genuine spare parts, our tech uses the most careful processes and selected tools to get the repair done with virtually zero trace of scratches or dents.

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This is another case of badly damaged screen with a crack that covers more than half of the screen. Aside from affecting the display this damage causes a lot of touchscreen functions to stop working – making the tablet almost impossible to use. Repair technician has to replace the display and when the tablet was restored, it looks and works like there hasn’t been any damage to it at all. The repair result is a proof of our tech’s expertise which is clearly visible on the workmanship – the kind of service that could only come from an expert.


The screen of the phone has patches of cracks that extends throughout the protective glass all over the phone’s front cover. Replacing the display including the glass didn’t just restore the touch screen but also made the phone work like it has all the original parts on it – thanks to the genuine spare parts and the expert hands of our tech who make the restoration possible. The end result is another happy customer who doesn’t have to replace their phone which is why our customers love our products and services which is a strong proof of our expertise in cell phone repair service.

iphone 5s

Here we have an iPhone 5s with cracks that starts from the lower part of the front cover to the center of the screen. The area near the fingerprint sensor is so badly damaged and has affected the touch functions as well. After the damaged front cover was expertly removed to be replaced by a whole new one, the screen looks and feels like that of a brand new phone. The expertise of our tech and the availability of the iPhone screen made it possible to get the repair job quick and with very positive results to the satisfaction of our customers.

iphone 6

Here we got an iPhone 6 with a badly damaged screen having a network of cracks that makes it hard to see the images on the screen. Not only did the damage make the screen look bad, touch screen isn’t functioning the way it should be albeit the phone still turns on. To get the phone screen fixed and to the delight of our customer, the front panel was replaced with a new one with utmost expertise that it shows no scratch on any sign that the screen isn’t the original one that the unit came with. Not only did the replacement screen look seamlessly part of the original unit, it also works and feels genuine, allowing the phone to be at its optimum performance after the repair.

iphone 6 plus

This iPhone 6 Plus has several cracks all over the screen which are so bad that some chips of the glass are almost falling apart. Restoring the phone requires a full front cover replacement which was done by our tech in no time. The screen was replaced and the phone was repaired without losing any of the customer’s data – the kind of expert service that our technician provides. The end result is a phone so neat and clean that it almost feels and looks like it was just unboxed albeit every important thing that they kept on the phone stays there.

iphone 6

This is yet another case that proves our technician’s expertise when it comes to iPhone screen repairs. This iPhone 6 has a web-like crack that covers almost the entire front cover and beyond the display – reaching through the corners and bezels of the phone. Although the phone still powers on and screen is still working, the crack is so bad that you can barely see through the images and icons on the upper half of the screen. After the repair, the screen looks like and works exactly what you expect from the iPhone’s Retina Display – neat, clean and clear.

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