iPhone 7 No Sound Repair

Iphone No Sound

IPHONE 7 No Sound Repair in TORONTO

Ask Computers is an industry-leader for iPhone 7 Sound Repair Toronto. We offer expert iPhone repair, iPhone screen repair and unlocking services. All Ask Computers technicians collectively have more than 15 years of hands-on iPhone repair experience.

Whether your iPhone 7 needs a new screen, battery, charge port, data recovery or other iPhone repair service, Ask Computers has got you covered. And at the lowest price and quickest turnaround you’ll find — by the fastest, friendliest and most knowledgeable iPhone repair techs in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Toronto clients are awesome! We are proud to be one of the most reviewed businesses on Google and Yelp for iPhone 7 No Sound Repair in Toronto. Our process and turnaround times are completely transparent and we aim to be your one-stop shop for all your electronic repair needs whether you have a MacBook, Mac, iPad, iPhones, Smartphones, PCs or laptops.

The iPhone 7 No Sound Issue

As the iPhone 7’s begin to age, the signature problems are starting to emerge. At the top of the list are problems with the iPhone 7 audio system.

You may notice any or all of the following list of symptoms:
-Callers can’t hear you
-Voice memos are greyed out
-Sound doesn’t record on videos
-Siri can’t hear you
-You hear static on calls
-Speakerphone doesn’t work
-Phone takes a very long time to boot

All these issues mentioned above can be solved by repairing the logic board. On the phone, there is a chip (IC) that controls the sound functions of the phone. We call it the audio IC.Most of the symptoms mentioned above relate to sound. Underneath that IC, there is connection that becomes loose. With this being a main connection being, it can exhibit a few or all of the symptoms mentioned above. The good news is that its repairable. What we at ASK Computers do is we remove that IC from the logic board, re join the broken connection by adding a wire. Once we add the wire, we reinstall the chip on the logic board. This repair we provide will fix any of the issues mentioned above guaranteed. Since this repair is becoming extremely common, we have all parts in stock to repair the fault within 2-3 hours.

Our iPhone 7 Repair Location in Toronto

Looking for iPhone 7 No Sound repair in Toronto? Visit us at 111 Front St E, Toronto for our iPhone repair, screen replacement and data recovery services.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Call us directly at (416) 862-9595

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