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Data Recovery

Data Drives

We provide expert repair services for your Mac and personal computers but we know you may need added services to completely recover your computers. After all, we have been assisting several customer over the past years and listening to their requests and concerns throughout the repair process. We take pride of our reputation as the computer repair center of choice among the computer stores in the Toronto area and we were able to do that through optimum customer engagement.

Our experience in computer repair lead us to realize that while repairing the computer could get the device to its full working condition, it may not restore the data you have stored but that is what we can help you with – data recovery.

Not only do we help in recovering files after repairing your MacBook or personal computers, we also assist in file recovery for any scenario, that is, for all instances of data loss due to some reason or another. Data recovery service is carefully and securely done by our expert techs using the most reliable tools and programs available. We assist file recovery from an array of platform ranging from MacOS that you run on your Apple computers to Windows from your laptops or personal computers and even Linux operating system.

We understand that you use your computer for a number of purpose and that there could be several types of file that you need to be recovered. As such, our experts provides assistance not just with the recovery of files that were lost from the computers but also assist you in the recovery and repair damaged files of different types like your email messages, pictures, documents and even databases.

Furthermore, our experts could provide advice on how to effectively save files and avoid losing more important files. So if you feel like you have lost some important files that you need to recover or have completely lost the files from your computer, it would be best to visit us before you do anything with your computer. Our tech could recommend some things and practices that can help data recovery be more successful this means more positive result when you eventually proceed with recovery.

So if you are in Toronto region in need of any computer repair service – data recovery included – don’t hesitate to drop by the store and you will find the expert assistance you need alongside the courteous service that has been keeping our customers satisfied for the past 15 years.

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