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Ask Computers Toronto | iPhone, Computers, Macbook Repair Toronto
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 by Ken
IPad Repair saved me $1,000!!!!

So I went to an authorized Apple sales/repair store on the Danforth as my IPad Pro stopped charging. After paying a $50 diagnostics fee, they told me that my IPad needed to be replaced and could not be fixed. I took a chance and came to Ask computers. They told me it could be repaired and quoted me a VERY reasonable price. The charging port was replaced and the IPad Pro is charging as good as new! You guys saved me a ton of money by not replacing. Really grateful for the fantastic service, guys!

 by Carole Zaza

I want to be your ole gramma.

You are GREAT and I would not hesitate to run back the moment I screw up again.

Another authorized MAC store told me it wasn't able to be fixed but when I looked up, they were looking at each other, and the one guy stepped back behind the lady, and singled he wanted to buy it and would call me ... really? I quietly (yes, me ... I can be quiet) picked my gear up and left, never to brighten their doorstep again. Thanks for everything you did so 'humanely' for me. Here is a virtual hug ... you never made us feel ignorant or old and your patience is endless.

Carole Z.

 by Mae

I honestly cannot thank Maaz enough for fixing my iphone. I thought I had no hope and that I had lost everything on my iphone X. I went to 3 different apple store trying to fix my phone and ALL of them told me that my data was gone and that my phone was just a piece of metal. I was told I had a hardware issue that could not be fixed. I had not backed up my phone to icloud and was extremely heart broken to have lost all my stuff. I contacted ASK computers and was told to drop my phone off for diagnostics. I KID YOU NOT, within an hour, Maaz contacted me again to notify me of the actual problem and was able to turn on my phone when no other apple store could. I am still blown away! Their pricing was also fair and affordable! So if you lost hope and are thinking to scrap your phone, I would hold off and check these guys out. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH! THANK YOU SO MUCH ! 20/10

 by Lisa De Paola
iphone 8 screen replacement

spoke to Max quoted me a price to repair iphone 8 screen

went to store and had it repaired total time including travel time to and from Jane /Bloor 1.5 hrs ! amazing efficient great service you would never know my screen broke!

also helped me wirh an older iphone 6 as a bonus 🙂 its now working as a backup ! highly recommended

 by Terri G
Laptop and desktop repairs

Laptop screen died and was in and out within hours, fully repaired. Next, i turned off my desk top during a Windows update (even though the screen told me not to), which seemed to kill the computer. They determined the update had crashed, brought my computer back to life and all was well again within 24 hours. Competent and kind people, thank you!

 by Nancy Czerwinsky

convenient location, very quick service for iPhone screen repair ,and very competitive pricing! I would definitely recommend this company.

 by Joanna Smith
Perfect service. Great guys!

Couldn’t fault them. Would recommend

 by fmw
Laptop assessment/repair

The team at Ask’ is dedicated and thorough.

Don’t let the small space fool you - they are clearly in high demand, with a large inventory of current orders (phones/laptops/CPUs) neatly stacked/tagged at their *secured & monitored* (read: safe for your beloved HW) drop-off desk. Even given their heavy workload, they assessed and repaired my laptop with a good turnaround, which was a life-saver for me.

Polite, proficient, and professional - they can’t be beat.

Location is good for downtowners too, right near St. Lawrence Market.

PS In case you’re wondering, this is a legit post. I’m just really that grateful they saved my laptop so I didn’t have to buy another one...!

 by Arthur Klimowicz
These guys are the real thing.

These guys are the real thing. They get to the pint, back-up what they say, price reasonably and most importantly they do excellent work. My computer works better than ever,(they told me it would) and now it feels like I have many years left on this old computer. This was neither the first or the last time coming to these guys. They are helpful whether their advice cost me nothing or a gew hundread - they are always right on . Thanks guys.

 by Mary
iPhone Glass Repair

I googled this company and was not sure what I was going to get when I got there. I was very pleasantly surprised. They were efficient, friendly and kept to the repair timeframe they had quoted. 30 minutes. They were less expensive than any of the others I had tried. Extremely satisfied. I will return, but hopefully I won't need to 😉

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Ask Computers Toronto | iPhone, Computers, Macbook Repair Toronto