MacBook Repair in Toronto

If you’re seeking Macbook repairs or upgrades in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place. ASK Computers in Toronto provides a quick turnaround service for Mac repairs at extremely reasonable costs. You can be confident that your Mac will be maintained to the highest standard of quality, and your happiness with our work is guaranteed.

Apple’s Mac computers are known for their dependability, but electronic gear can malfunction at any time, which is what we specialize in. Hard drive failures, optical drive failures, logic board failures, and water or other liquid damage are only a few examples of faults. Before any repairs are completed, we provide you with a free assessment of your Mac computer, regardless of the sort of problem.

At ASK Computers, we put customer service at the forefront of what we do, along with our expert technical capabilities, of course! We understand how important your Apple Mac is to you, and we also know how hard it is to replace a Mac in today’s trying times. So if you need Mac repair in Toronto, there’s no need to despair because we’ll put your worries at bay almost immediately. Come in and chat with us about what went wrong. Our team is dedicated to offering stellar repair services to put your mind at ease.

Expert Apple MacBook Repair Technicians

It may be true that Apple makes everything better, but here, it’s our technicians who really make things come together with mind-blowing results. We’ve had countless customers come to us with problems they thought could not be resolved, yet our fantastic technicians produced impressive results every time. For all your Apple repair needs in Toronto, come to us and ask what we can do to brighten your day. Our friendly technicians will be happy to answer all your questions and provide a free quote before commencing your repairs, so you and your Apple device can be reunited in no time.

Broke Your MacBook Screen?

Accidents happen! There’s just no way of getting around that, unfortunately. Thankfully, ASK Computers is here to help restore your MacBook screen in cases of breakage. We have an impressive stock of brand-new MacBook screens so we can repair your broken screen to look as good as new, and it won’t cost you a huge bundle, nor will it take weeks to get it done. We work swiftly and efficiently to give you the best MacBook repair services in Toronto.


  • Water Damage Repair
  • Screen Replacement
  • SSD Upgrade
  • Keyboard Replacement


Speak to us at ASK Computers in Toronto about all your Mac repair needs, no matter how big or small, and we’ll be glad to assist. We provide no-nonsense, expert repairs at budget costs and excellent timeframes. Simple as that.

MacBook Repair FAQs

MacBooks are some of the most innovative, futuristic technology on offer around the world. If yours breaks down, whether by design or accident, it can leave you overwhelmed and anxious.

Whether you use yours for work, studying, or recreational purposes, it can be important to your every day. Repairing yours can leave you feeling unsure about whether it’s the right decision for you, and can leave you with some questions about the entire process.

But before you decide against using our expert services because it doesn’t seem worth the effort and rush out to buy a new MacBook or even attempt to DIY a fix, we answer your most pressing questions below.

  • Is a high-quality repair possible?

We understand why most would be hesitant about repairing their Apple products, in particular their MacBooks. These are pricey laptops, one wrong move and they can be rendered essentially useless. But our assurance to you at ASK Computers is quality repairs that strive to not only keep your MacBook in excellent condition but also get back to you as quickly as possible. For most, buying a brand-new Macbook or even a competitively priced pre-owned one can be expensive. Consider using our reputable services to save time and money.

  • How quickly do we work?

Most people think it would be quicker and easier to simply unbox a new MacBook than repair it. But we assure you, there is a cost-effective alternative to spending all those dollars on a brand new product with ASK Computers.

Our repairs are efficient, effective, and hold long-term benefits. On assessment, we can determine what issues your MacBook is currently facing and give you an estimate of how long it will take us to work on them.

While we are mindful of your busy schedule and commitments, our repair times are based on how complex an issue you have on hand. Battery replacements can take a mere few hours, whereas screen replacements and water damage are not as quick to fix.

  • How much should I budget for a repair?

Important question, but unfortunately, without an inspection, we are unable to provide an accurate number. Repairs are in line with the market and take into consideration our technicians’ labour and time. Replacement parts are also tied into the final quotation.

While we do our best to keep prices as low as possible, we can only quote you based on the repair work needed. We offer competitive prices that are worthwhile when compared to the cost of buying a new MacBook.

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MacBook Screen Repair
We can replace your damaged screen with a brand new screen.

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MacBook Faulty Hard Drives
We can perform data recovery on inaccessible drives and replace them.

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MacBook Optical Drives
We can upgrade your old optical drives with the new Super Drive.

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MacBook Cracked Casing
Replace your old and cracked MacBook casing with a new one.

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MacBook Logic Boards
We can repair your faulty logic boards by replacing key components or replace the entire board.

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MacBook Liquid Damage
Spilled water on your mac product? Don’t worry. Bring it in for a free evaluation and can tell you what is wrong with your water damaged MacBook.


Here at ASK Computers, we carry various MacBook repairs in-store with the best price service. We offer free diagnostics and you can walk in without an appointment. Contact us to ask about same-day repair service.

We offer you the same-day repair service for most of the issues.

Our 15 years experienced team provides its customers the best satisfaction.

We offer personalized care for your device like it’s our own.

Our primary aim is not to let you compromise with the quality of parts we provide.

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