Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

Computer Repairs

Our professional computer services include such things as hard drive formatting, data backup and recovery, laptop screen replacement on both new and refurbished laptops, and many more. We also offer virus removal, memory upgrades all of which increase the speed and efficiency of your older laptop or desktop system. Ask computers is Toronto’s most trusted computer repair store offers following services:

Computer Repair Toronto

  • Virus Removal – We use the best diagnostic tools and testing software to ensure a thorough clean of your system.


  • Component Repairs – Replacement should be your last resort! Save money and time with component repair.


  • OS Related Repairs – OS not booting? Corrupted system files? Slow computer? No problem! Bring your computer to us and we can diagnose and repair your crucial operating system files and have your computer running again.


  • Computer Maintanence – We can identify and solve problems before they can lead to serious issues, such as computer crashes, slow speeds, freezing, and impact overall health of your PC.


  • Computer Upgrades – We have a variety of options in computer upgrades that may best suit your needs. Often, an upgrade is all you need to breathe new life into an old computer.
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