Damage that can happen to your MacBook

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Ask Computers has a team of highly skilled professionals who have ample experience in repairing Apple’s MacBook series. Over the past decade and a half, we have repaired hundreds of MacBook laptops that were damaged in different ways. In this article, we will discuss the most common types of damage that can happen to your MacBook and how we at Ask Computers (https://www.askcomputers.ca) can repair those damages. Water Damage: One…

Challenges in Repairing Phones and Laptops

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 1st , 2018 Contact: M Kamani Ask Computers Phone:    (416) 862-9595 Email:      info@askcomputers.ca   (416) 862-9595  Challenges in Repairing Phones and Laptops Toronto, Ontario –With the increasing numbers of tutorials online about how to repair your own phone, a lot of people are trying to do just that. But many have ended up damaging their phones to the extent that that they are no longer usable. Ask…

The Most Common Repairs on MacBook

MacBook Repair London

There are many computer stores which are providing the services of laptop repair, but when it comes to MacBook repair, Apple repair stores are the most trusted ones. We are talking about it because there can be many scenarios where you will need to get your MacBook repaired. Here, we will discuss about the most common repairs on Macbook. First, let’s dive into a brief history of the Apple’s MacBook.…

Top Things to check before you get your MacBook Repaired

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We at Ask Computers are a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who have been providing the services of MacBook repair in Toronto for more than 15 years. Throughout these 15 years, we have been able to earn the trust and loyalty of hundreds of customers. As many other stores are providing the service of MacBook repair in Toronto, Today, we are not going to talk about our store…

Apple Hardware and Software Repair – Why Professional Help is Recommended


Use of top quality Apple hardware such as I phones and Macs are common amongst people all over the world. Whether it is about the unique features these smart devices are installed with or their impressive look and feel, there are differences of skills between a user and a repair professional. Having problems using your phone with slow processing, switching issues and others? An attempt to get these Apple devices…

Is Your Apple MAC or I Phone Wet? Here is What to Do – Repair Expert Advice

Repair Web Iphone and Mac Book in Toronto downtown ask computers

All across the world, there is an unparallel fad of owning and using Apple MAC and I phones. Are you one of such people enjoying with your Iphone all ready with latest features? Accidents sometimes become hard to avoid and in terms of phone damages, it does not matter which brand phone you are having. Jumping into the pool of water with your Iphone in your pocket? Getting your Iphone…

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