iPhone Repair Services in Toronto for 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

Top iPhone Repair Services in Toronto 2024

In today's fast-paced world, having a reliable smartphone is essential. iPhones are popular for their advanced features and sleek design. However, even the best devices can encounter issues. This article highlights the top iPhone repair services available in Toronto in 2024, ensuring your device remains in top condition. For all your repair needs, trust Ask Computers. Why Choose Professional iPhone Repair in Toronto? Choosing professional iPhone repair services in Toronto…

What Happens When a Smartphone Gets Wet?


In the age of technology, our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves, indispensable for daily tasks and personal connections. However, these sophisticated devices are not invincible, especially when it comes to water exposure. Understanding what happens when a smartphone gets wet is crucial in mitigating the damage. At Ask Computers, we specialize in handling such crises, offering expert solutions for water damaged iPhones, cell phones, MacBooks, iPads, and smartphones.…

Slow Laptop? Common Problems and How To Fix Them

Laptop Repair

Are you experiencing seemingly interminable program loading times or does your screen freeze and become unresponsive frequently? Have you witnessed your laptop or computer system gradually slow down over a period of time? Then you are facing system performance issues which are almost inevitable in older laptops, irrespective of the brand or the operating system of your device.  Before you make up your mind to invest in a new laptop…

Undeniable Benefits of Phone Battery Replacement

Have you noticed your phone’s battery, which earlier used to easily last an entire day, gets drained in just a few hours? Do you find yourself charging your phone multiple times daily and get worried when you have to leave your house without a portable charger? You should consider getting a phone battery replacement procedure done by our qualified and trustworthy experts at ASK Computers. If you own a newer…

Tips to Fix Android and iPhone Sound Issues

Whether it is unclear or muffled audio interrupting your favorite YouTube video or low phone ringing sound levels making you miss important calls, an unoptimized audio system or improper audio settings can ruin the entire experience of operating your latest iPhone or Android device. Recurrent or long-term audio issues could signify that your device needs hardware repairs and as such you must have your mobile phone repaired by qualified technicians.…

Tips to Prevent Your Phone from Overheating During Hot Summers!


With the increase in summer temperatures, phones also run the risk of overheating. You might often wonder as to why phones get heated? The amount of electricity circulating through the phones determines the heat generated by them. This then combined with the hot summers can surely cause your phone to overheat and make it difficult to use.  Tips to Help you Prevent your Phone from Overheating during Summer: Don’t Charge…

Tips and Tricks to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Battery Extend

 The world today is constantly connected to the outside world thanks to their phones. People inadvertently turn to their phones for almost any activity - social media, playing games, chatting, video calls, watching movies, and much more. This increased time spent on the phone takes a toll on the battery. Phones are now thinner, with larger, brighter screens, background apps, and face hefty software upgrades. All this surely affects the…

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Looking for Mobile Repair Services

Broken Screen Repair

Smartphones have seen a monumental change in manufacturing over the years. From phones with small screens, shorter batteries and lesser features to flagship and mid range phones haven taken over the market, the manufacturing process too has seen a shift.  No matter how well a phone might be manufactured, it can encounter defects and damages such as broken screens, lagging and other issues that might make it ineffectual. Broken or…

Looking for same-day phone repair in Toronto? All major brands repaired in one day!

Same Day Phone Repair

Most people want their phones repaired on-the-go. Here, we provide the most reliable and trusted cell phone repairs Toronto. We immediately recognize your phone issue and provide a customized quote. We’ve got a team of professional technicians who can repair your phone to its pristine condition, affordably, and quickly. It doesn’t matter if your phone battery needs to be replaced, your screen cracked accidentally, or your charging port is not…

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