iPhone Screen Broken? 5 Best iPhone Smartphone Screen Repair Options


One of the most important components of a smart phone is the touch screen. The quality of the display almost directly impacts the user experience so manufacturers are at a loggerhead of who creates the best display with the brightest and most vivid colors to enhance images. By using touch screen technology, smart phones also make use of the screen as the main input component. This said, touch screens are…

How to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive of Dead Laptop or Desktop


Many of us are very dependent on our laptops and computers for work, school, entertainment or gaming. They just are so perfectly made for the job of streaming, web searching, data processing, document editing, gaming and so forth. With so much you can do with a laptop or PC, it helps you be more productive and along with it comes a number of important files. We are so used to…

Got New IOS update? Things to consider before installing an IOS Update


Technology has made the lives of many people easier. It has opened many possibilities to the means of how we communicate and only gets better as the years pass by. Companies have also found countless ways to innovate the way people get in touch with each other. With the advent of the internet and the mobile phone, reaching your loved has never been so convenient. Not only that. Because they…

External Repairs and Replacements for Apple Iphones: Touchscreen & LCD, Back Frame, Power button, Volume button


Modern technology has launched various breakthroughs for decades. This had paved the way for people to depend on their gadgets in their everyday lives, sometimes a little too much. To put it mildly, these days, it's hard to find a person who does not own a cellphone. Even 5-year-olds have them, for crying out loud. To date, Apple has sold over 700 million iPhone and to android's 1 billion, and…

Iphone Repair- How to Make Your IPhone Battery Last Longer than Normal


“I think right now it’s a battle for the mindshare of developers and for the mindshare of customers, and right now iPhone and Android are winning that battle.” Fast forward ten years later since its invention, sure enough, the iphone had lived up to its expectation of being a device that enables communication between people like never before, just like the late Apple innovator, Steve Jobs, had predicted. However, technology…

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