Cost Analysis: Professional iPhone Glass Repair in Toronto vs. a New Device


Every time you drop your phone, you pick it up with trepidation. Often, it is fine; your screen protector and case have done their work in keeping your phone safe. But then, one day, you see the dreaded crack in the screen. Oh no! When faced with this situation, you will need to consider the option of a professional iPhone glass repair in Toronto versus buying a new device. In…

Your Computer Maintenance Checklist


If you want your computer or laptop to remain in optimal functioning condition and retain its aesthetic appeal for many years to come, you need to invest in the right computer maintenance services. Here at ASK Computers, we are your computer maintenance and repair experts, and we have put together this useful checklist to help you keep on top of your computer maintenance tasks. Get Repairs Done ASAP If your…

The 5 Most Common Apple Repairs and How to Avoid Them


Apple products are praised as some of the most durable and long-lasting technological devices out there, but just like with any other brand, Apple products are prone to certain issues… especially if care is not taken when using them. As experts in Apple repair in Toronto, we fill you in on some of the most common Apple issues and how they can be avoided. Water Damage Even if a device…

5 Reasons to Repair Your iPhone Screen as Soon as You Notice a Crack


Unfortunately, even if you invest in one of the best phone cases out there, cracks in your iPhone screen are bound to happen at some point or another. Whether cracks appear in your phone screen from negligence or pure bad luck, it is easy to procrastinate getting your iPhone screen fixed. As experts in iPhone repairs in Toronto, the team at ASK Computers is here to give you 5 good…

Need MacBook Repair in Toronto? Read This First!


Are you in need of MacBook repair in Toronto and searching frantically for a repair shop near you? We understand you need your Mac ‒ it’s your life, it’s your work and it’s your pleasure. Please take a minute to read this sound advice before rushing into the first repair store near you. Experienced Technicians are a Must  MacBook repair in Toronto can cost a small fortune, depending on the…

To DIY or not to DIY: Unpacking the Apple Self-Service Repair Kit


If you don't have AppleCare+, you may need to pay between $230 and $330 to have your iPhone 12 or 13 screen replaced at Apple Stores. The cost may differ based on the model of your device and is often more affordable for earlier iPhone models, particularly those without OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays. Last year, Apple surprised us by announcing a new self-service repair program for iPhones that would…

Water-Damaged iPhone? Now What?!


If a liquid (such as coffee or soda) causes damage to an iPhone or iPod, Apple's One-Year Limited Warranty does not cover the repair of the liquid damage. Nonetheless, you may have legal grounds under certain consumer laws and insurances. We know that accidents happen, and although a water-damaged iPhone is any Apple enthusiast's worst nightmare, there are a few steps you can take to keep the devastation at bay.…

When To Opt For MacBook Repair


It's finally happening! After a few years of going strong, your MacBook is playing up in one way or another. When this happens, most struggle with deciding whether or not the device can be fixed with repairs or if it's time to throw in the towel and purchase an entirely new laptop. It is no great mystery that Macs are pricey to acquire. There is also a misconception that the…

4 Reasons To Choose Mobile Repair Services Over Replacement


Nowadays, most people own a smartphone device that likely goes everywhere they go. With this constant moving from place to place, the likelihood of dropping or damaging the mobile phone in some way becomes even more likely. It is especially true without high-quality protective gear that some may not invest in due to the extra cost. Nonetheless, accidents can occur at any given time and when they do, should we…

3 Signs Your iPad is Due For a Repair


Your Apple iPad is a device with, unfortunately, a finite life. With time and continuous use and exposure to various conditions, the overall performance will begin to degrade, indicating that you may need to give it some extra TLC in the form of a repair. If you rely on your iPad for your daily tasks or work as a highly-portable laptop or desktop alternative when on the road, you may…

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