Macs: Repair Or Replace?


Apple devices are superior machinery, high-functioning and well-made. The intuitive design across their range is what makes their Macs so appealing. It is the ideal laptop for work or study purposes and can easily connect to your other Apple devices, making for seamless integration. That being said, when your Mac malfunctions, you may find yourself unsure of whether to look into a Mac repair or replacement. Below are some benefits…

What To Consider Before Choosing a Mobile Repair Shop


Your mobile device is an important component of your life, helping you with different day-to-day tasks. It’s a was to communicate, socialize, access information, and even work. When your device malfunctions or ends up with serious damage, you may find yourself scrambling for someone to help fix it. From Googling “mobile phones repairing” to choosing the first shop you see, you may forget that it's crucial to assess technicians before…

Reasons NOT to DIY Phone iPhone Repairs


Smartphones are becoming pricier as the years go by. They play a significant role in our lives, from helping us communicate to holding vital information we need to function daily. When they malfunction or are damaged, we can quickly find ourselves in an extremely stressful situation until we are up and running again. Many of us will evaluate our options, whether it’s seeking out an iPhone repair in Toronto or…

Care Tips to Lengthen the Lifespan of Your Smartphone


Smartphones have become so intertwined with our lives, that when they have to go in for cell phone repairs in Toronto, it can derail your day. Although having to send our phones in for repairs eventually is inevitable, there are ways to give yours more protection to help put this off. Invest in a Screen Protector All smartphones these days have screens that make them prone to cracking and breaking.…

Is It Time For A New iPhone Battery Or A Repair?

Ask any iPhone user and they will mostly gush about their phone, followed by a few pet peeves. This is not iPhone specific, it’s digital equipment specific. Some of the problems incurred might require an iPhone or Android repair, but sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing your phone’s battery. Read about how to tell when your battery is ready for retirement. It’s Too Big For Its Boots If…

How To Reduce Your Tradesmen Mobile Phone Repair Services


A tradesperson’s typical day is not a typical day. Come rain or shine, mud or dust, you are outside, driving, walking, climbing, and straining, and you need phone protection that is as robust as you are, or the phone will be in for mobile repair services constantly. You might not like robocop-type phones and would rather work to protect your beloved iPhone, Samsung, or Google phone. Here are some protection…

Warning Signs That Your Cell Phone Needs A Repair


Are you tired of your phone having a glitchy screen, overheating, or dying too quickly? It may be time to look into cell phone repairs in Toronto. In this blog, we identify all the warning signs that show your phone is heading for a repair. Issues With Your Screen There could be multiple issues with your phone's screen to warrant the need for a repair. Your screen may have scratches…

4 Questions To Help Choose Between Repairing Or Replacing Your Computer


Having trouble with your computer and debating whether you should replace it instead of going through a repair? Depending on the age of your computer, the cost of the repair and a few other factors, computer repairs in Toronto can end up costing you way less than buying a new one. In this blog, we'll look at some things to consider before answering whether to repair or replace your computer.…

Repairing A Slow Mac


Suppose your Mac is a few years old and it's not running as fast as it used to. Sometimes it takes longer to launch apps, accomplish basic tasks and generally takes longer to do some things it did quickly in the past. The solution to mac repair is to determine why it's running slow and fix that issue. In this blog, we identify two potential culprits that could be slowing…

How To Repair An Ipad That Displays Errors Or Shuts Down


Does your iPad display an error? More often than not, we use our iPads to check email, access social media apps, open notes or just play music. As we are using it, an error message or logo can pop up. The error screen looks blank, glows dimly and does not say anything. Sometimes, you can even see the Apple logo on the error screen. All this points to only one…

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