Galaxy S21 line-up: Not as Sturdy as Samsung Claims

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung's three newest flagship phones have reached the eyes of the public. They remain the top choices when deciding to upgrade to a newer touch screen device. However, there has been a theory on the rise, that Samsung’s Galaxy products are not as sturdy as Samsung claims them to be. If you or someone you know is looking to get a galaxy phone but don’t know where to begin, look…

Is it worth repairing a broken Samsung phone screen?

ask samsung phone repair

The importance of smartphones in our lives today is indisputable. With most of us being dependent on them for all kinds of personal and professional needs, it is difficult to imagine long periods of separation from these devices. Some brands are so popular that their very names are enough to convince the masses to make a purchase. In recent times, Samsung has emerged as the major player among Android devices,…

Looking for same-day phone repair in Toronto? All major brands repaired in one day!

Same Day Phone Repair

Most people want their phones repaired on-the-go. Here, we provide the most reliable and trusted cell phone repairs Toronto. We immediately recognize your phone issue and provide a customized quote. We’ve got a team of professional technicians who can repair your phone to its pristine condition, affordably, and quickly. It doesn’t matter if your phone battery needs to be replaced, your screen cracked accidentally, or your charging port is not…

Should you back up your phone before giving it for repair?

ask blog back up phone before phone repair

You have broken your screen or a button has snapped off or a camera has stopped working. You decide you want the phone repaired the same day – so, naturally, you visit ASK for your phone repair. But wait! Have you backed up the data on your phone? As professional phone repair in Toronto we will only take a backup of your data if you give us your consent!  …

5 reasons why you shouldn’t repair your phone yourself (visiting a pro is cheaper too!)

ask computers reasons why you shouldnt repair your phone yourself

The many ‘How to…’ videos on YouTube have started a trend of people trying to repair their own phone. YouTubers make it look so easy… just a spudger tool here, a little glue there and your phone looks like new. Trouble is all of them are either pros or have had a lot of practice. And through the magic of filmmaking all the messy bits (like accidentally tearing the fingerprint…

Is cell phone insurance worth it for getting your phone repaired?

ask blog phone insurance repair or replace

Our phones are our constant lifelines to the world today. We depend on them to communicate with one another, to stay on top of the news, to navigate, to record moments and so much more. With phones so fragile, it makes sense to be prepared for an unexpected breakage too. Many people pick up phone insurance to cover the cost of phone repair/replacement in Toronto. But is getting phone insurance…

How to sanitize your phone (Updated: Coronavirus scare)

ask blof sanitize your phone

It spends hours in your hand and touching your face and yet you never clean it! Yes, the phone is the germ factory you are carrying around with you. If you want to stop the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – sanitize your phone! According to The Spruce, the phone is among the 3 dirtiest places in the home! Every time you touch your phone you are transferring virus and…

Impact of Coronavirus on computer and cell phone industry

mobile phone 2510529 960 720

The latest coronavirus outbreak (December 2019) has claimed many lives, especially in Wuhan (China), the epicentre of the outbreak. More than 1,000 people have lost their lives in Wuhan and many more thousands are suffering and struggling to get care. The extreme medical situation led to Wuhan being quarantined. Though nothing trumps the human suffering in this scenario, the coronavirus (officially known as Covid-19) crisis is showing a ripple effect…

Top Reasons to fix your Samsung Phone over getting a new one

Samsung Galaxy S8 home screen

Samsung is a brand that is used by millions of users throughout the world, and with the increasing use, users are also causing damage to their phones and being forced to visit a Samsung phone repair store to get it fixed. Samsung is a market leading brand in the smartphones market. Because of the different models that they launch every year and the high-end specifications they add in their phones,…

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