Top 5 ways to Protect Your Phone Screen from Cracking

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In the modern age, smartphone screens are getting bigger and making you more prone to a phone screen repair than ever. Most of the market leading mobile phone manufacturers are shifting towards Bezel-less displays. It means minimizing the bezels of the phone as much as possible to allow more space for a larger screen. Since most of the users are using their smartphones for entertainment purposes like watching videos, playing…

Unnecessary Smartphone Problems

Samsung Galaxy S8 problem 607557

None of us can imagine not having a smartphone in our daily routine these days. Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lifestyle that the whole human race is being dominated by their addiction. Similar technological advancements have had a giant impact on our lives. While they’ve brought the whole world at the touch of our fingertip, there are equally big consequences that can be faced if these…

Screen Repair Services by Ask Computers

iphone screen repair

We at Ask Computers have more than 15 years of experience when it comes to screen repairs. As screen replacement is a delicate process; it requires precision and a wealth of technical know-how and experience in the field. Our team of specialists has replaced hundreds of screens that were damaged for various reasons. Here, we will only discuss the type of screen repairs that we offer at Ask Computers. Our…

How to Increase your Phone’s Life Expectancies

How to Save Mobile Phones Battery Life Here are Some Useful Tricks 640x400

Our team at Ask Computers are well-known for our skills and experience when it comes to repairing phones. We have managed to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients in the 15 years by giving them quality services when it comes to repairing their phones. A question that is asked quite frequently by our customers is that how could they increase the life of their phone. Many users think…

Most Common Repairs for Samsung


Samsung is one of the most famous and market leading brand when it comes to smartphones manufacturing which makes the Samsung repair market a highly competitive one. The battle between Apple and Samsung has been ongoing for the past decade in the smartphone arena, and it’s hard to tell which of the brands have the most number of users. What we are sure of is that Samsung has been the…

Challenges in Repairing Phones and Laptops

cell repair

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 1st , 2018 Contact: M Kamani Ask Computers Phone:    (416) 862-9595 Email:   (416) 862-9595  Challenges in Repairing Phones and Laptops Toronto, Ontario –With the increasing numbers of tutorials online about how to repair your own phone, a lot of people are trying to do just that. But many have ended up damaging their phones to the extent that that they are no longer usable. Ask…

The Most Common Repairs on iPhone

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When we talk about cell phone repairs, iPhone repair is something that comes to mind because of the vulnerability of the older generations of the iPhone. We will talk about the most common repairs on iPhone in this article. Let’s talk a little about the history of the iPhone. Its history goes back to January 2007, when Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder announced the first version of the iPhone. Who would…

Lifespan of Your Computer – When Should You Consider a Computer Repair

Computer systems are used nowadays in almost every sphere of life, but none of them are made to last forever. This is something every computer user knows well about. People just keep on maintaining their computer systems so that they can continue using them for longer time as per their specific needs. Also, not every user uses his computer system for same type of work as there are millions of…

3 Reasons that Needs Professional Iphone and Macbook Repair


In terms of quality and smart phone engineering, Apple Iphones and even Macbooks have stood the test of time to be called the most unique mobile devices all over the world. The newer models of these advance generation I phones have unparallel features. But since the damages in any smart, technologically advanced device also depends on manner of usage, you just cannot avoid them even in case of iphones. Falling…

Difference between Professional Apple Repair in Toronto and DIY Repair Attempts


In general when you are using your top quality iphone smoothly, you must have seen numerous phone repair shops. But when you have your expensive iphone or Apple product damaged due to some reason, you just cannot rely upon anyone for repair tasks. Even there are cases when people have tried making a DIY attempt to repair their Iphones and end up causing even bigger damage in their phones. If…

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