5 reasons why you shouldn’t repair your phone yourself (visiting a pro is cheaper too!)

ask computers reasons why you shouldnt repair your phone yourself

The many ‘How to…’ videos on YouTube have started a trend of people trying to repair their own phone. YouTubers make it look so easy… just a spudger tool here, a little glue there and your phone looks like new. Trouble is all of them are either pros or have had a lot of practice. And through the magic of filmmaking all the messy bits (like accidentally tearing the fingerprint…

Is cell phone insurance worth it for getting your phone repaired?

ask blog phone insurance repair or replace

Our phones are our constant lifelines to the world today. We depend on them to communicate with one another, to stay on top of the news, to navigate, to record moments and so much more. With phones so fragile, it makes sense to be prepared for an unexpected breakage too. Many people pick up phone insurance to cover the cost of phone repair/replacement in Toronto. But is getting phone insurance…

How to sanitize your phone (Updated: Coronavirus scare)

ask blof sanitize your phone

It spends hours in your hand and touching your face and yet you never clean it! Yes, the phone is the germ factory you are carrying around with you. If you want to stop the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – sanitize your phone! According to The Spruce, the phone is among the 3 dirtiest places in the home! Every time you touch your phone you are transferring virus and…

Laptop won’t turn on and 4 other mysteries… explained

ask blog laptop wont turn on

Gone are the days of unreliable and overheating laptops. Over the last decade, computer manufacturers have pretty much perfected the ‘art’ of making stable laptops; even software – whether MacOS or Windows – has become a lot less buggy. Nevertheless, users can occasionally be faced with a laptop that won’t turn on or requires repair. In this article we are talking about the five most common problems that can plague…

How people are saving hundreds of $$$ on their iPhone repair in Toronto

ask blog cell phone repair toronto e1576619383209

The ‘cheapest’ iPhone you can buy from Apple’s 2019 smartphone line-up costs $979. That’s nearly a thousand Canadian dollars for the smallest capacity iPhone before you even add in taxes. Choose an iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB of storage and you’ll be paying over $2000! At least you get one year of Apple TV+ subscription to soften the blow. With every succeeding generation flagship smartphones from Apple, Samsung and…

iPhone 7 and 7+ Audio IC issue

(Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images) If you are an iPhone user, you must have heard about or experienced issues with audio recording, Siri not functioning properly, during phone calls or during FaceTime video calls. You might also note a grayed out speaker button during phone calls. All of these issues point towards a possible audio IC failure. Even Apple acknowledged this issue. According to Apple, some iPhone users experienced microphone…

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

pexels photo 699122

Last year, Apple decided to change the design of their mobile phone flagship device completely and named it iPhone X. The iPhone X model had a lot of changes to the design and how it was built. After a teardown, a lot of changes were observed to the overall design mechanism which was used in the previous models. This year, Apple introduced the next lineup of their flagship devices and…

Where to get your Phone Repaired – Pros and Cons

cell phone repair

Over the last couple of decades, we have seen a lot of people searching for “cell phone repair near me” on Google to find a repair store to get their phone fixed or repaired. The reason is that with the advancements in the cell phones market, the smart phones are getting more technologically advanced, and at the same time, hundreds of people are facing many issues with their phones, and…

Top Myths Related to Smartphones


Cell phone repair can only be carried out if the problem is diagnosed carefully. In many cases, the problem users think their phones have are reliant on some common smartphone myths.   So in this article, I'm going to talk about top smartphone myths that you might have come across and I'll try to bust them, and these are common myths that a lot of people have about smartphones like…

Top Mistakes When Repairing Your Own Phone

6 1

Our team at Ask Computers have ample experience of providing services of cell phone repair in Toronto over the past 15 years. We have always encouraged our customers to bring their cell phone to us when they happen to damage it in any of the ways possible. And we have always emphasized that it is recommended that you should avail yourself of the services of professionals when it comes to…

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